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Name Diocese Function Species
Ab Kettleby: St James Leicester Churchyard 0
Abberley: St Mary Worcester Churchyard 0
Abberley: St Michael Worcester Churchyard 0
Abberton: St Andrew Chelmsford Churchyard 77
Abberton: St Edburga Worcester Churchyard 0
Abbess Roding: St Edmund Chelmsford Churchyard 0
Abbeydale: St Peter Sheffield Churchyard 0
Abbeydore: Holy Trinity & St Mary Hereford Churchyard 176
Abbots Bickington: St James Exeter Churchyard 2
Abbots Bromley: St Nicholas Lichfield Churchyard 37
Abbots Langley: St Lawrence St.Albans Churchyard 1
Abbots Leigh: Holy Trinity Bristol Churchyard 158
Abbots Morton: St Peter Worcester Churchyard 33
Abbots Ripton: St Andrew Ely Churchyard 0
Abbotsbury: St Nicholas Salisbury Churchyard 0
Abbotsham: St Helen Exeter Churchyard 0
Abbotsley: St Margaret Ely Churchyard 0
Abbotts Ann: St Mary Winchester Churchyard 0
Abdon: St Margaret Hereford Churchyard 10
Abenhall: St Michael Gloucester Churchyard 20
Aberford: St Ricarius York Churchyard 0
Aberlady church Churchyard 7
Aberlemno Churchyard Churchyard 1
Abingdon: St Helen Oxford Churchyard 1
Abingdon: St Nicolas Oxford Churchyard 2
Abinger: St James Guildford Churchyard 0
Abington Pigotts: St Michael & All Angels Ely Churchyard 0
Abington: St Peter & St Paul Peterborough Churchyard 0
Abram: St John the Evangelist Liverpool Churchyard 0
Abson: St James Great Bristol Churchyard 83
Abthorpe: St John the Baptist Peterborough Churchyard 54
Acaster Malbis: Holy Trinity York Churchyard 0
Acaster Selby: St John York Churchyard 0
Acklam: St John the Baptist (Old) Churchyard York Churchyard 1
Acklington: St John the Divine Newcastle Churchyard 0
Ackworth: All Saints Leeds Churchyard 0
Ackworth: St Cuthbert Leeds Churchyard 0
Acle: St Edmund Norwich Churchyard 2
Acocks Green: St Mary Birmingham Churchyard 0
Acol: St Mildred Canterbury Churchyard 0
Acrise: St Martin Canterbury Churchyard 0
Acton Beauchamp: St Giles Hereford Churchyard 0
Acton Burnell: St Mary Hereford Churchyard 138
Acton Round: St Mary Hereford Churchyard 0
Acton Scott: St Margaret Hereford Churchyard 179
Acton Trussell: St James Lichfield Churchyard 2
Acton Turville: St Mary Gloucester Churchyard 1
Acton: All Saints St. Edmundsbury Churchyard 112
Acton: St Mary London Churchyard 0
Acton: St Mary (Nantwich) Chester Churchyard 0

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